Dog Play Dead 

A new black-comedy written by Anna Thomas-Jones premiered at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

“fast paced, amusing romp...reminded me of Black Books”
— RevStan Theatre.

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Throwing a great party in an amazing house, what could possibly go wrong? Except you’re supposed to be house-sitting. For a mafia boss. And now his beloved dog is missing. And there’s a pool of blood on the floor. And to make the hangover even worse, your boss’ daughter then arrives... Surely not a situation that well-behaved women would find themselves in? A gripping black comedy full of unexpected twists and unexpected laughs, presented to you by a new and daring all-female company.


We took over the Bread & Roses Theatre in London for a week at the start of 2016 for another run of Dog Play Dead.

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