Some exciting news...

You may have already read about it through our Twitter and Facebook pages, but just in case....Our wonderful Anna Thomas-Jones recently put The Well Behaved Women forward for a Hiive competition for Emerging Theatre Companies to win a week's run at the esteemed Bread & Roses Theatre.

After many weeks of nervous waiting - We are extremely proud to say that we WON! 

We are absolutely overjoyed to be teaming up again in the new year.

A transfer to a London stage is an incredible opportunity! To perform to a host of new audiences, to really showcase what we as a company came together to do - and we cannot wait to be bringing back 'Dog Play Dead'!

We will be playing from the 5-9th January, 7:30pm at the Bread & Roses Theatre - we will let you know as soon as tickets become available to book... but in the mean time, start saving the dates!

Dog Play Dead Reviews...

The stars have been counted and we are extremely pleased with the host of reviews received for 'Dog Play Dead' are a few of our favourite snippets: 

"★★★★ - The dynamic between the four characters is tremendously well-scripted, pacy and fizzing with antagonism."  Three Weeks.

"fast paced, amusing romp...reminded me of Black Books" RevStan Theatre.

"good old black comedy where women hold their own" Musical Theatre Musings.

"passes the Bechdel Test with flying colours" Female Arts.


Needless to say we are extremely chuffed to have been awarded 4 stars!

(The full article for each review can be read by following the link at the end of each quote.)

It's done!

Finally! After weeks of emails and organising and meetings and phonecalls and some more emails - The Well Behaved Women have registered for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!! It's getting real now - but I cannot wait to start rehearsing and finally seeing the show on its feet! It's alright imagining it in my head as I was writing, but its something completely different hearing it being read and performed! I cannot wait! 

Anna Thomas-Jones.